E2PS  Features

E2 Print Software comes with a plethora of innovative tools to help your print/design business stay organized, operate faster and produce more efficiently.

E2 Print Software has innovative tools to help facilitate design orders. Our Design Order Manager tracks all communication between your customer and your designer allowing both parties to all information and collateral needed to complete the design order.

E2 Print Software offers full customer management. Your staff can create and edit customer profiles. You can also view customer habit statistics.

Input your suppliers and keep track of what jobs were sent to them and how much you are spending with each supplier.

Choose from over 20 customizable storefront templates. Just upload your logo and change a few template specific features and you are ready to sale!

With E2 Print Software you can set onsite alerts that will notify you when selected events like new orders or design order approvals occur.

E2 Print Software utilizes both Fedex and UPS shipping APIs. With your Fedex account you can even create and print your shipping labels.

Social media like and share buttons make it easy for you to market your online store.

E2 Print Software allows your customers to easily re-order print orders by simply clicking the reorder button while viewing their order history.

Your staff can also re-order print orders for your customer through the administrative control panel.

With E2 Print Software you and your customer can create shipping profiles that will allow quickly choose where orders will be shipped without the hassle of retyping the shipping information for each order.
Using the administrative control panel you can also ship orders on the same invoice to different locations.

E2 Print Software makes print order fulfillment easier than ever. Simply download the files and print them or send them to your supplier directly from the administrative control panel.

Easily create manage your staff member with three tiers of access, administrators, managers and designer. And you can set site permissions for each tier.

E2 Print Software comes with over 900 pre-installed products. You can edit the pricing, change the pictures or add your own products.

E2 Print Software works with PayPal, PayPal Pro and Authorize.net.

Similar to onsite alerts E2 Print Software you can send SMS mobile alerts to the site owner when selected events occur.

Do you have multiple brick and mortar locations? If so E2 Print Software will allow your customers to choose which location they would like to go to to pick up their order.

With E2 Print Software’s wide format application your customers can easily order wide format products from you online store.

E2 Print Software allows your customers to edit their profiles through your storefront customer control panel. Customers can update their profile, manage shipping profiles and view their order histories and order estimates.

Accept online payments via Authorize.net, Paypal or Square.

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